About me

Most people know me as Riley, but I also go by Ezri. I am genderfluid, which means my gender may change over time. Currently, I am an enby and I prefer the pronouns any.

I have an API that you can use to query my gender/pronouns without having to contact me directly. This API is currently available for English only.


I love learning languages! I'm fluent in Dutch and English, and significantly worse (but constantly improving) in the following natural languages:

If you talk to me in Dutch, English or German, I will most likely be able to understand what you mean. Other languages will probably not work.

Besides natural languages, I love learning programming languages too! I've fairly recently started to develop a taste for functional programming. I am currently learning Haskell and PureScript. I am most confident in Rust and Nix, but I can also write Python and some OCaml, if need be.

One final hobby of mine is mixing alcoholic drinks. I really like making cocktails, especially the more convoluted ones! Though, my favorite is the screwdriver (because I am often lazy and also it's very tasty).


I'm polyamorous, pansexual and I love flirting, so feel free to interact with me like that! Keep in mind though that I am already dating these 5 cuties:

While you are welcome to flirt with me, keep in mind that I am currently at capacity for how many romantic relationships I can handle. Casual things are fine, however!


I hate (affectionate) my nemesis.


Check out my friends! They have cool sites!