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Sometimes I write about stuff I'm interested in. This is where you can read about said stuff. My interests include programming (mainly in Rust or Haskell), complaining about programming, language learning, Magic: The Gathering and far-left politics.



I really like programming languages. I like learning the languages themselves and I like learning interesting tricks through them. I enjoy exploring new ways to look at, think about and solve problems.

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Why I put up with nix


The Nix ecosystem has a lot of usability issues. This post is not about them. I spend a lot of time ranting about this (mostly to coworkers), but I want to highlight the things that I really like about Nix, for a change.

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Monads for free


Two weeks ago I started a new job as a Haskell software engineer. My expectation was to suffer immensely from impostor syndrome, especially during the first few weeks. Surprisingly, I feel pretty comfortable with my abilities so far!

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Shadowing ruined my evening


Last night I was playing around with implementing solutions for problems from rosetta code in order to polish my Haskell skills before starting my first day in a developer role where I will be expected to use it daily. Since I have no prolonged experience with using it outside of some messing around with it here and there to learn it, it seemed like a good idea to practice a bit more.

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How the blog works


I wrote a sort of blog engine for my site, because I love reinventing the wheel.

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Finishing projects is hard. Like really hard. Way harder than it seems and way harder than it should be.

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When I was about 7 or 8, my dad made me a website and put me in front of the console of a very basic blog CMS thing. He showed me how to make new posts and told me to write about whatever. I made a post, and the day after that, I made another. And then I forgot about the whole concept altogether, to the great disappointment of my grandmother who enjoyed reading it.

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New site!


I rewrote my site. I stole took some inspiration from for the design.

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