Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions I get asked sometimes.

You also go by Emily?

Yes. You may address me and refer to me as either "Emily" or "Riley", at your option.

What are your pronouns?

My pronouns are they/them. In the future, if you want to find out without visiting this page, you can use the /api/pronouns endpoint. For more information, check out the API documentation.

For example, requesting my pronouns from the command line:

curl -L

In real life, I sometimes wear a pronoun badge. If I am not wearing one, feel free to ask or to fall back to they/them.

Political stance?

Black lives matter, trans rights are human rights and punching nazis is good, actually.

Furthermore, there is no ethical consumtion under capitalism. Centrism always benefits the status quo.

What languages do you speak?

I'm fluent in English and Dutch. I can understand some German and I'm currently learning Polish.

Preferred programming languages?

Rust and Haskell are my main languages. I can also write Nix, F# and OCaml.

What IDE do you use?

I use the Kakoune editor with the kak-lsp plugin to write code and blog posts, and use git from the command line to do version control. I prefer to do things using dedicated utilities and commands as opposed to running a single large IDE process.

In terms of language servers, I prefer rust-analyzer for Rust, haskell-language-server for Haskell and rnix-lsp for Nix.

Are you single~?

I'm at capacity for how many romantic relationships I can handle, currently.